Welcome to John’s Treehouse, a captivating website that takes you on a journey into the world of treehouse design and construction. Join us as we explore the incredible story of how John meticulously designed and skillfully crafted his dream treehouse. You’ll witness the passion and dedication that went into every step of the construction process. From selecting the perfect location to creating a unique Octagon shape based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s visions. 

John designed this treehouse while going through cancer treatments in Mexico. It took six months of thinking, planning and drawing. When he was given the all clear sign that the cancer was gone, he came home to Washington and started the project. 

His design seamlessly blends nature and architecture, while respecting and preserving the surrounding environment. 

Whether you’re a treehouse enthusiast, an aspiring builder, or simply a lover of nature, John’s Treehouse offers inspiration and knowledge. Get ready to be transported into a world where imagination and creativity know no bounds. 

John’s Treehouse

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I started thinking about building this treehouse in 2000 when I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, I was treated in Mexico over the course of three years, and during the 16 hours in a hotel room started the process of visualizing how to design and build it.
This slideshow of the book documents the process.
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